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3 Olympic lessons from Pyeongchang
February 22, 2018
Team USA winners and losers, Winter Games no longer so white, and standing up to Russia: Our view
When cops lie under oath, prosecutors must take some blame
February 22, 2018
Investigate officer claims to ensure that innocent people don't end up behind bars.
Readers sound off: 'The NRA is an evil organization'
February 22, 2018
After CNN's town hall on gun control, our readers shared their comments on Trump and the National Rifle Association.
Today's evangelicals should be more like Billy Graham. We all should be.
February 22, 2018
Graham was too close to Nixon and too hard on gays. But he generally put faith over politics and inclusion over division. People remember his smile.
Trump used to back gun control. If he wants to be popular, he'll go there again.
February 22, 2018
Here’s a prediction: Trump will edge away from the NRA's hard line and move toward tighter gun laws that even majorities of gun owners favor.
Turkey under Erdogan: Our academic colleague is on trial for signing a petition
February 22, 2018
Erdogan and his government are trying to ruin their critics. Perhaps this can happen in any democracy, as authoritarians rise and institutions fail.
Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah on kids who 'got woke' in Best of Late Night
February 22, 2018
Take a look at our favorite moments from last night's lineup, then vote for yours!
Even at the White House, domestic abuse was a secret. Don't hide this, fight it.
February 22, 2018
We must go to the heart of the underlying beliefs and attitudes in our culture that allow secrecy and tacit acceptance to be the norm.
Billy Graham's legacy: An unspectacular preacher preaching a powerful Gospel
February 21, 2018
Graham understood that evangelism isn’t about light displays, smoke machines, or even skillful rhetoric. People need the gospel, presented simply.
A topsy-turvy right-wing world: Today's Toons
February 22, 2018
Australian prime minister: In our global travails, mateship is more important than ever
February 22, 2018
We remain as committed to our shared values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law as we were on the battlefields of Europe 100 years ago.
Readers on the America's Harvest Box plan: Rethink food stamps and the recipients
February 22, 2018
From a food stamps recipient from Illinois to a man from Ohio who thinks the box plan is a good idea, our readers share their thoughts on government assistance.
On gun control, President Trump almost sounds woke
February 21, 2018
America will soon see how the Florida school shooting affects the White House and Congress: Our view
Readers sound off on gun violence: Florida House's decision is a slap to student survivors
February 22, 2018
From arming teachers to calls for better mental health treatment, our readers shared their thoughts on gun violence.
People with disabilities are rapidly joining the workforce. That's a hopeful trend.
February 22, 2018
TV shows like 'Born This Way,' 'The Good Doctor' and 'Speechless' parallel a hopeful workforce trend of inclusion and success for people with disabilities.
Billy Graham's new home, by Franklin Graham
February 21, 2018
My father never gave up on me, even when I caused him pain. He lived like the Gospel he preached — a message he repeated till his last breath.
CNN thinks that socialism is cool. My grandparents from the USSR would disagree.
February 21, 2018
It is frustrating to me that many Americans are ignorant of the crimes of socialist and communist movements.
Don't forget small businesses. We're booming under Trump tax cuts, too.
February 21, 2018
We're green-lighting two start-ups, doubling research and development, hiring more people and giving larger raises and bonuses.
Trump's awful plan to arm teachers is straight from the NRA playbook
February 23, 2018
Trump's embrace of 'scholastic carry' is a recycled NRA talking point from 2012. And it's still a really bad idea.
Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, James Corden show us what Oprah, KFC and unwanted kisses have in common in Best of Late Night
February 21, 2018
The late-night comics tie it all to Trump. Take a look, then vote for your favorite joke.
I admired Mr. Rogers as a mentor from afar — now I'm walking in his sneakers.
February 21, 2018
The issues that affected children in the 60s affect them still: the inner drama of childhood, anger, and feelings towards siblings and friends.
Alexa, could health care be fixed?
February 20, 2018
No, not even Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase can cure employer-based insurance system: Our view
Employers lead on health care
February 20, 2018
We welcome the Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan Chase initiative: Opposing view
YouToon: Tell us what's happening in this Olympics cartoon!
February 14, 2018
In honor of the Games, give us a caption and we may give you a prize worth $250!
Thank you, Billy Graham. You changed Louis Zamperini's life and his example changed me.
February 21, 2018
Billy Graham taught Louis Zamperini how to forgive the guard who beat him daily in a Japanese POW camp. His example freed me to forgive in my own life.
Florida school massacre won't change our gun laws, but bridging our divides might work
February 20, 2018
Americans see guns either as a safety threat or a form of self-protection. We should focus stiffer laws on the fraction of guns in the first category.
It was mere chance that tragedy struck Florida and not here in Indiana
February 20, 2018
The day of the shooting, our own children sang a piece of devotional music, asking us to acknowledge sorrow and tragedy.
Mueller's potential investigation options are increasing. But they're still 'potential.'
February 20, 2018
Trump's potential obstruction, financial crimes and false statements could become explosive. But they're not a clear danger just yet.
School shootings are not the new normal, despite statistics that stretch the truth
February 20, 2018
If you think that our schools are under siege like never before, take a statistical trip back in time.
Trump said he 'alone can fix it,' and now it's absolutely true
February 20, 2018
Mr. President, it's 11:59 PM. Use the little time remaining to try to salvage your collapsing presidency.
Let food stamp recipients eat socialism
February 19, 2018
'America's Harvest Box' is a digital-age innovation Karl Marx would approve: Our view
Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel talk Stormy, Russia and Mueller in Best of Late Night
February 19, 2018
Get the latest on White House scandals, then vote for your favorite weekend moment.
USDA: America's Harvest Boxes deliver innovation
February 19, 2018
Proposal will provide nutritious food for the needy and cut costs to taxpayers: Opposing view
Good luck explaining your abortion vote high-fives to your constituents, senators
February 19, 2018
Why can’t Democrats vote with the American people on this issue, even when their stance has failed to deliver real results to the party?
Donald Trump’s food stamp box idea is a solution without a problem
February 19, 2018
Why is this necessary? Families know far better than the federal government what they need to eat — plus, it's demeaning and insulting.
Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg is right that Millennials are key to #MeToo
February 18, 2018
Statehouses across the country are often demeaning and difficult places for women. A teen-age intern helped bring historic change in Arizona.
Our hotels are fighting human trafficking, but we can't do it alone: Marriott CEO
February 19, 2018
Traffickers sometimes use hotels to exploit victims. But rather than wish it were otherwise, we decided to make our properties part of the solution.
Mueller accusations multiply
February 18, 2018
What people are saying about special counsel investigation into Russia and U.S. elections
As Robert Mueller fights Russian interference, Trump is MIA
February 18, 2018
Special prosecutor is only 1 warrior trying to protect U.S. elections. America now needs a field marshal: Our view
Don't assume high school graduation fraud is only in D.C. It's not.
February 17, 2018
Fake progress is nothing to celebrate. Governors should use audits and exams to uncover which districts are really making gains.
President Trump's Russia denialism is grounds for impeachment
February 16, 2018
That fundamental right to choose our own leaders is under siege and the president is not only doing nothing, he won't accept that it's happening.
'Black Panther' empowers students of color by highlighting Africa's centuries of greatness
February 15, 2018
If teachers fail to create experiences that reveal the strength and cultural pride of Africa, students of color will continue to believe that their African ancestral heritage reflects only poverty and pain.
Survivor: I will never be OK until we stop school shootings
February 15, 2018
I am angry that the party in control of our government offers only thoughts and prayers — and more guns.
Readers on Korean dog meat trade: If this practice outrages you, try veganism
February 15, 2018
Our readers shared their thoughts on the dog meat trade in the Korean Peninsula.
Readers on federal prisons having staffers fill in for officers
February 14, 2018
Our readers shared their thoughts on prison staffers being asked to fill guard posts across the Bureau of Prisons.
Clean air, land and water: Time for the EPA to start keeping its promises
February 14, 2018
In less than a year, the Trump administration will solve a problem that previous administrations could not fix since 1990.
The top political cartoons of 2017
December 28, 2017
Editorial cartoons on politics
January 05, 2018
Editorial cartoons on gun-control debate
November 20, 2017
Editorial cartoons on anything and everything
January 05, 2018
Editorial cartoons on health care
November 08, 2017
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