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March 10, 2020
Expert Q&As
December 04, 2019
Hidden Common Ground
October editorial cartoon gallery
October 26, 2020
Editorial cartoons on COVID-19 Coronavirus, Trump, Biden, Democrats, racial strife and more from across the USA TODAY Network.
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August 20, 2019
Columns & Letters
Doctors: Trump is wrong to accuse medical professionals of profiting from diagnosing COVID-19
October 27, 2020
Trump's baseless insinuations and defiance of science hurt our response to COVID-19 and healthcare workers.
Sorry, there will be no return to normalcy under Joe Biden
October 27, 2020
Biden becoming president will not make COVID-19 disappear and return the country back to normal. Just vote for whatever form of abnormal you prefer.
My 'suburban mom' demographic is supposedly all in for Biden. But I'm voting for Trump.
October 27, 2020
In 2016, I took a chance and cautiously voted for Donald Trump based on his promises. In 2020, I'm proud to vote for him and his vision of America.
How Republicans can grow the party's base after Donald Trump is gone
October 27, 2020
Republicans will flourish when they finally bust the link between conservatism and whiteness.
Winter is coming: Today's Toon
October 25, 2020
Winter is coming: Today's Toon
How do Trump's extraordinary betrayals stand up against history? He could be the worst.
October 27, 2020
Putting Trump in context is the best way to highlight and understand his betrayals. History is the highest court, and its verdict can't be appealed.
Black America will have no one else to blame if we do not seize this moment and vote
October 27, 2020
Black voters have Biden's attention, much more than they ever had or will have Trump's. Grab the chance to correct 400 years of systemic oppression.
Share your coronavirus story
April 03, 2020
Tell us how you're coping with self-isolation and other aspects of the outbreak.
President Donald Trump leaves a trail of foreign policy fiction
October 26, 2020
Our View: Trump the showman did pull off a few successes on the international stage, but even they carry asterisks. Joe Biden offers steadier hand.
Barrett confirmation means Roe is at risk, and prosecutors need to step up
October 27, 2020
Nearly 70 state, local prosecutors have pledged not to criminalize women or their abortion providers for health care choices.
Trump's dangerous isolationism weakens USA and strengthens our adversaries: Retired generals
October 26, 2020
Republicans have tragically failed to check Trump's reckless behavior. The election must be a mandate and a denunciation of him and of their silence.
Roe v. Wade ruling matters, but mostly as a symbol. It has not protected abortion rights.
October 26, 2020
Abortion rights don't hinge on whether a new Justice Amy Coney Barrett votes to overturn Roe. They're already at death's door by a thousand smaller cuts.
Manhood on the ballot: Trump's self-absorbed bullying vs. Biden's compassion and humility
October 26, 2020
Voters have a choice between Trump's outdated, unhealthy version of manhood and Biden's liberating masculinity that frees men to live healthier lives.
My students are up against COVID-19, economic despair, online learning and heedless adults
October 26, 2020
Some students search for college scholarships while parents calculate their proximity to homelessness. Some already live with relatives, or in a van.
Russia never stopped trying to sway elections and sow mistrust. Best thing to do is vote.
October 26, 2020
Federal agencies say votes were not changed in previous Russian hacks, but just the perception advances Trump's false claim that 2020 is rigged against him.
Viable unborn children can live without their mothers — our Constitution protects them
October 26, 2020
Our court has never recognized a constitutional right to life for unborn children. But with Amy Coney Barrett on the court, that may finally change.
Donald Trump and I went to the same progressive church, but he betrayed its teachings
October 25, 2020
According to Christian teaching, we're all sinners and deserve forgiveness and mercy. But that doesn't mean President Trump deserves another four years.
The NFL COVID-19 plan isn't working. Fix it to protect players, profits and US society.
October 25, 2020
Americans need sports as an escape and a recharge. But COVID is hard to control and can be devastating. The NFL's current plan is unacceptable.
Lighten up, everyone. Voters can handle 'Saturday Night Live' jokes about Joe Biden.
October 24, 2020
Jim Carrey captures and exaggerates the parody-worthy parts of Joe Biden's persona that make him relatable and the perfect antidote to Donald Trump.
As COVID-19 forces them to slow down, families find joy in spending more time together
October 24, 2020
The abrupt slow down in modern life has given people a chance to deepen relationships and create new rituals together.
Presidential election 2020 cartoon gallery: Trump, Biden and more
October 25, 2020
Presidential election 2020 cartoon gallery: A collection of editorial cartoons on Trump, Biden and the race for the White House
During Zoom calls, keep your pants on: It's not prudishness, it's white male privilege
October 24, 2020
New Yorker writer and CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin was suspended for exposing himself on a Zoom call, but his punishment should have been worse.
Voters put their stake in the ground: Rural sign wars are a window into 2020 election views
October 24, 2020
Research shows that yard signs help with turnout, influence candidate vote share, and reflect enthusiasm.
Presidential debate: Donald Trump lies like a rug; Joe Biden fails to step all over it
October 23, 2020
Our View: 48.7 million already voted. Whatever impact last debate had is likely to be as muted as the microphones were when either spoke out of turn.
I ran from my lethal diagnosis for years. Let's make this rare disease a household word.
October 10, 2020
Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has taken several members of my family, and counting. But meeting them, you wouldn't know they had a lethal disease.
Cartoon galleries
August 14, 2019
Visual takes on today's hot topics
Best of Late Night
August 14, 2019
From Colbert to O'Brien, get opinionated takes on current events from late night favorites.
Winter is coming: Today's Toon
October 25, 2020
Winter is coming: Today's Toon
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