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WOW Air retrenching? Service to three Midwest cities axed
October 16, 2018
WOW Air’s aggressive expansion into U.S. Heartland has run into turbulence. Budget airline says it will ax service to St. Louis, Cleveland and Cincinnati.
United Airlines grows at hubs; new routes from NYC, D.C. and California
October 15, 2018
United to add Hilton Head, South Carolina, in new round of domestic expansion that adds new routes from Newark, Washington Dulles and California hubs.
Now flying from NYC: The world's longest flight
October 15, 2018
Singapore Airlines reclaimed bragging rights for the world's longest flight this week as it re-launched nonstop service between Singapore and Newark.
Biologists work to prevent bird, plane collisions at St. Louis airport
October 15, 2018
Airport biologists prevent run-ins between birds and planes that can result in snarge - the remains of a bird after it has been struck by an airplane.
Alitalia relaunch to include Italian state ownership
October 15, 2018
Perennially struggling Italian carrier Alitalia has planned a relaunch, but it seems that the state will still be involved in the loss-making company.
Doggy bag: Beagle intercepts roast pig at Atlanta airport
October 16, 2018
A passenger traveling from Ecuador was relieved of leftovers when an intrepid beagle found a roasted pig's head in baggage at the world's busiest airport.
'Sharknado' star Tara Reid is all smiles on set, day after being kicked off flight
October 16, 2018
Tara Reid was removed from a Delta flight leaving Los Angeles International Airport Monday afternoon and returned to work Tuesday.
Ryanair crew left to sleep on airport floor without food or drinks, union says
October 16, 2018
In a photo shared on social media, 6 people in Ryanair uniforms are seen laying on the airport floor. The airline has addressed the controversy.
Check-in with facial recognition now possible in Shanghai
October 16, 2018
It's now possible to check in automatically at Shanghai's Hongqiao airport using facial recognition technology, part of an ambitious rollout in China.
Air India flight attendant falls out of plane, injures legs on tarmac
October 16, 2018
A 53-year old Air India flight attendant suffered serious injuries to her legs after she fell out of a Boeing 777's aft door while trying to close it.
EgyptAir pulls in-flight magazine Horus after contentious Drew Barrymore article
October 16, 2018
Egyptian officials say EgyptAir has removed the latest edition of its in-flight magazine over a purported interview with actress Drew Barrymore.
Southwest Airlines scraps flights to Fort Lauderdale from Newark, Dulles
October 15, 2018
Passengers traveling from Washington-Dulles and Newark airports shouldn't count on Southwest Airlines for non-stop flights to Fort Lauderdale anymore.
Oversized flyers a challenge for seatmates and airlines
October 15, 2018
Confrontations between oversize airline passengers and their fellow travelers are inevitable.
Ask the Captain: Flying with a tail wind
October 14, 2018
How fast can a passenger plane safely travel?
The world's 25 longest airline flights
October 13, 2018
A look a the world’s 25 longest regularly scheduled airline flights as measured by distance. Includes routes flying at least once a week as of October 2018.
This app helps you book trips based on your 'Insta screenshots'
October 12, 2018
Now, it's your time to have an Instagram worthy vacation. Susana Victoria Perez has more.
Air India plane hits wall during takeoff
October 12, 2018
An Air India Boeing 737 aircraft (Flight IX 611), which was carrying 130 passengers and six crew members, hit a wall during takeoff but landed safely.
Woman kicked off flight over emotional support squirrel speaks out: 'You will not take my baby from me'
October 11, 2018
Cindy Torok, the woman who was escorted off a Frontier Airlines flight with her emotional support squirrel, says she is seeking an attorney.
Have 19 hours? Singapore Airlines retakes title for longest commercial flight
October 11, 2018
Singapore Airlines launched the record-breaking Singapore-Newark route in 2004, but canceled it nine years later because of rising fuel prices. Now it's back.
Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner stars in Flight of Dreams attraction in Japan
October 11, 2018
The Dreamliner is the celebrity centerpiece of the Flight of Dreams attraction, which also features branches of some of Seattle’s most iconic shops.
300+ flights canceled at Charlotte Douglas International Airport
October 11, 2018
Most of the affected flights are to and from cities in the region including Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina and Raleigh, N.C.
United flight makes emergency landing after "engine explosion'' in Fort Myers, Florida
October 10, 2018
United Airlines flight 2397 from Fort Myers, Florida, to Newark returned to Florida Wednesday after a mechanical issue. A passenger says an engine "exploded."
A 'Tahitian Dreamliner?' Small Tahiti airline 'proud' of its new Boeing 787
October 10, 2018
Air Tahiti Nui may be a small airline, but it’s turning to Boeing’s Dreamliner to fill a big role as it tries to elevate its standing on the global stage.
October's #avgeek gallery: 32 cool aviation photos
October 10, 2018
Check out our latest batch of fun airplane and aviation photos from around the globe.
Flight delayed after woman brings 'emotional support squirrel' on plane
October 10, 2018
Police had to remove a woman who brought an “emotional support squirrel” on a Frontier Airlines flight headed from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland.
Hurricane Michael: Flights grounded across Florida Panhandle; airlines waive fees
October 10, 2018
Flight schedules remained grounded at airports in the Florida Panhandle as Hurricane Michael approached the region as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday.
From barf bags to dinnerware, airline memorabilia shows have it all
October 05, 2018
Enthusiasts can browse a mind-boggling array of items, everything from high-end model airplanes to decades-old timetables and safety cards.
British Airways celebrates 60 years of jet-powered trans-Atlantic flying
October 04, 2018
British Airways, then known as BOAC – or British Overseas Airways Corporation – piloted two de Havilland Comet 4s across the ocean on Oct. 4, 1958.
Where does airline food come from? This carrier grows its own
October 04, 2018
By producing much of the meat, poultry and produce served to passengers, Korean Air is able to set and meet high quality-control standards.
Airports join airlines in tightening the leash on animal travel
June 29, 2018
Like airlines, airports have been logging increased instances of animals that are untrained, unruly and dangerous to others in the terminals.
First look: New PC-24 private jet designed for short runways
June 26, 2018
PlaneSense, a fractional private jet company, has introduced the new PC-24. It can land on grass and short runways.
Airline seating: How to keep your family together on flights
June 24, 2018
Airlines love to play musical chairs with their passengers, a game that pressures travelers to pay extra for assigned seating.
Would you bid 420,000 miles to see a parked plane? These frequent-fliers did
August 25, 2018
Blockbuster bids to see a retired United Airlines Boeing 747 underscore emergence of experiential options for frequent-flier and travel loyalty programs.
Best airport food: 15 terminals where you'll enjoy a layover
February 13, 2018
More airports are focusing on local specialties and freshly prepared fare.
How to find great business-class deals on empty seats
February 14, 2018
You can save thousands of dollars on business- and first-class flights on major airlines.
Take-out at your airport gate? Start-ups look to deliver
February 12, 2018
Ever wish you could order delivery at the gate? You may soon have that option thanks to a new set of start-ups seeking to cater to that demand.
11 new air routes that promise cheap flights in 2018
February 08, 2018
New air routes by low-fare airlines promise great deals for budget-minded travelers across the globe this year.
Can you fly with marijuana within legalized states?
February 08, 2018
Marijuana is still an illegal drug under federal law - and post-security areas at airports are ruled by federal agencies.
The 'boneyard': Where airlines send old planes to be scrapped
August 31, 2018
The museum-like quality of the "boneyard" delights enthusiasts, though access is hard to get.
Qatar Airways' luxurious new 'Qsuite' seats now flying from the USA
January 31, 2018
New suite seats are the latest offering in a constant game of one-upmanship among the world’s premier airlines.
How biometrics could speed airline boarding, stop stowaways
January 23, 2018
Airlines are teaming with their airport partners to take the human element out of the boarding process.
Airport challenge: Clearing runways a choreographed snow dance
January 22, 2018
When snow falls at the airport, crews at Mitchell International fire up massive machines that plow and sweep runways in precise, practiced movements.
October's #avgeek photo gallery
October 09, 2018
Farm to flight: Korean Air grows its own food
October 04, 2018
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