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Frontier Airlines overhauls frequent-flier program
August 16, 2018
Frontier is revamping its frequent-flier program, touting the move as a “reinvention” that will add new benefits and perks for its top customers.
Plane narrowly misses van crossing runway for barbecue
August 16, 2018
Control tower video shows a van crossing a runway at the Springfield-Branson National Airport just seconds ahead of an airliner that was taking off.
Power outage briefly plunges D.C.'s Reagan airport into darkness
August 16, 2018
A power outage plunged D.C's Reagan National Airport into darkness for about an hour Wednesday. Delays were few, but baggage delivery was affected.
Sun Country expands to Nashville, adds six nonstop routes
August 15, 2018
Four of Sun Country's six Nashville routes will go to Florida destinations. Carrier's other two routes will be to Minneapolis/St. Paul and New Orleans.
Southwest latest airline to restrict service, emotional support animals
August 15, 2018
Southwest will soon limit emotional support animals to only cats and dogs, and just one per flier. American, Delta and United have already tweaked their rules.
Gov. Mike Huckabee says he was stuck on 'quarantined' plane at Nashville airport
August 16, 2018
Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said he was on a "quarantined" plane Thursday at Nashville International Airport.
J.D. Power: JetBlue, Southwest top frequent-flier ratings
August 15, 2018
However, study also found confusion about program rules -- including on how to redeem points -- was a significant drag on the satisfaction scores.
Watch: TSA officer accepts child's dance-off challenge
August 15, 2018
Officer Joshua McCall admired how one of the three children danced and the boy challenged McCall to a dance-off.
August's #avgeek gallery: 30 cool aviation photos
August 15, 2018
Check out our latest batch of fun airplane and aviation photos from around the globe.
Frontier adds two Florida airports in 11-route expansion
August 15, 2018
Frontier is adding Florida city of Sarasota to its route map as part of a broader 11-route expansion that also will return it to Fort Lauderdale.
Monday storm woes: 1,260 cancellations, 7,100 delays
August 13, 2018
Air travelers faced delays and cancellations in the Northeast on Monday as storms fired up across the region and affected hubs for several big carriers.
August's #avgeek gallery: 30 cool aviation photos
August 13, 2018
Ask the Captain: Questions about jet engine cowlings
August 12, 2018
I have noticed some tiny little fins on the sides of some jet engine cowlings.  What are they for and why on only one side?
The world's new No. 1 airline for 2018 is ...
August 12, 2018
Singapore’s title – its first since 2008 and 4th overall – comes after it finished 2nd in last year’s World Airline Awards. Qatar Airways falls to No. 2.
TSA shows off new 3D screening machine at Washington Dulles
August 10, 2018
The Transportation Security Administration's testing of 3D scanners at airport checkpoints was on display Friday at Washington Dulles airport.
Pilots strike at Ryanair; 400 cancellations across Europe
August 10, 2018
A series of strikes has hit the carrier as unions have taken hold at the European low-cost airline giant. Friday's strike centered on Germany, Sweden.
Make room, 'Rhapsody Blue'; United adding some new colors
August 10, 2018
United Airlines is adding a set of new hues to its color palette, an update to its branding that will soon be seen on new employee uniforms.
American puts Wyoming capital back on the U.S. aviation map
August 09, 2018
Wyoming’s capital city is back on the U.S. aviation map. American's flights to Texas will be Cheyenne's first since Great Lakes Airlines left in March.
TWA Hotel now taking bookings for event spaces
August 08, 2018
Options will include the 'Starstream' and 'Flight Center' ballrooms. Hotel will open in spring 2019, with room reservations expected to start in December.
TSA looks at separate lines for fliers 'swept' by canines
August 09, 2018
In a wide-ranging chat, the TSA chief talked about (not) eliminating security at small airports, rolling out 3D scanners and the role of bomb-sniffing dogs.
TSA shares some weird stuff it's confiscated
August 08, 2018
The TSA has a robust social media presence, here are a few of their finds from their blog. Keri Lumm reports.
Southwest Airlines in Palm Springs? It's not happening anytime soon
August 07, 2018
Five major airlines have announced expanded services at Palm Springs International Airport since May, but Southwest isn't likely to join the list.
Frontier Airlines announces six new routes from Fort Myers, Florida
August 07, 2018
Once flights begin, Frontier says it will offer seasonal or year-round service to 23 nonstop destinations from Southwest Florida International Airport.
American Airlines adds Tokyo-Las Vegas nonstops, but only for 11 days
August 06, 2018
The flights, which start Jan. 4 and run through Jan. 14, coincide with the 2019 CES consumer electronics show – one of Las Vegas’ top corporate draws.
'Farce': British Airways CEO slams U.K. for long passport lines
August 06, 2018
British Airways CEO Alex Cruz described the immigration situation at Heathrow as a 'farce,' calling it worse than any other European airport.
American Airlines flier removed from flight despite buying separate seat for her cello
August 06, 2018
A musician who had booked a separate seat for her $30,000 cello says she was booted off an American Airlines flight as she tried to return home to Chicago.
Korean Air: Boston-Seoul non-stops to begin in April
August 07, 2018
New Seoul-Boston flights come as part of a new joint-venture between Korean and U.S. partner Delta Air Lines. It allows them to coordinate schedules.
Summer flying guide: How to cope with record crowds
June 28, 2018
What to know if you’re flying this summer? Plenty, especially if you're an infrequent flier.
Airports join airlines in tightening the leash on animal travel
June 29, 2018
Like airlines, airports have been logging increased instances of animals that are untrained, unruly and dangerous to others in the terminals.
First look: New PC-24 private jet designed for short runways
June 26, 2018
PlaneSense, a fractional private jet company, has introduced the new PC-24. It can land on grass and short runways.
Airline seating: How to keep your family together on flights
June 24, 2018
Airlines love to play musical chairs with their passengers, a game that pressures travelers to pay extra for assigned seating.
Would you bid 420,000 miles to see a parked plane? These frequent-fliers did
June 20, 2018
Blockbuster bids to see a retired United Airlines Boeing 747 underscore emergence of experiential options for frequent-flier and travel loyalty programs.
Best airport food: 15 terminals where you'll enjoy a layover
February 13, 2018
More airports are focusing on local specialties and freshly prepared fare.
How to find great business-class deals on empty seats
February 14, 2018
You can save thousands of dollars on business- and first-class flights on major airlines.
Take-out at your airport gate? Start-ups look to deliver
February 12, 2018
Ever wish you could order delivery at the gate? You may soon have that option thanks to a new set of start-ups seeking to cater to that demand.
11 new air routes that promise cheap flights in 2018
February 08, 2018
New air routes by low-fare airlines promise great deals for budget-minded travelers across the globe this year.
Can you fly with marijuana within legalized states?
February 08, 2018
Marijuana is still an illegal drug under federal law - and post-security areas at airports are ruled by federal agencies.
The 'boneyard': Where airlines send old planes to be scrapped
July 22, 2018
The museum-like quality of the "boneyard" delights enthusiasts, though access is hard to get.
Qatar Airways' luxurious new 'Qsuite' seats now flying from the USA
January 31, 2018
New suite seats are the latest offering in a constant game of one-upmanship among the world’s premier airlines.
How biometrics could speed airline boarding, stop stowaways
January 23, 2018
Airlines are teaming with their airport partners to take the human element out of the boarding process.
Airport challenge: Clearing runways a choreographed snow dance
January 22, 2018
When snow falls at the airport, crews at Mitchell International fire up massive machines that plow and sweep runways in precise, practiced movements.
Themed plane smackdown: 'Star Wars' vs. Hello Kitty
January 13, 2018
See photos and vote for your favorite.
Swivel chairs, double beds, 32" TVs: Check out Singapore Air's swanky new 'suites'
November 08, 2017
Singapore's suite perks include: A plush swivel chair. A 32” high-definition TV screen. A separate bed area and room to entertain.
World's 25 longest airline flights - 2018
May 31, 2018
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