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Louise Penny rediscovers the 'joy' of writing after her husband's death
December 06, 2018
Best-selling Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny joined USA TODAY for a live video chat about her new book, 'Kingdom of the Blind.'
10 gorgeous coffee-table books perfect for the book lover on your holiday gift list
December 05, 2018
Gorgeous photo books about sports, the royal family, nature and more.
5 new books you won't want to miss this week: Jillian Michaels, Reese's book club pick
December 16, 2018
Look for a new anti-aging book from fitness guru Jillian Michaels; plus Reese Witherspoon's latest book club pick, a holiday romance.
New graphic novels: 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Anne Frank's Diary,' 'The Beatles'
November 27, 2018
We check out four new graphic novels, including versions of 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' Anne Frank's diary and 'The Beatles in Comix.'
5 things we learn about the Targaryen clan in George R.R. Martin's 'Fire and Blood'
November 29, 2018
George R.R. Martin has written a history of the Targaryen family in his new book 'Fire and Blood.' What 'Game of Thrones' fans will learn.
Deja vu? How a 1965 novel about a president in crisis seems eerily timely today
November 28, 2018
'Night of Camp David' seems like it could be about our current political situation. But the novel was written in 1965 and now has been reissued.
Adriana Trigiani's novel 'Tony's Wife' swings to rhythm of the big-band era
November 26, 2018
In her new novel 'Tony's Wife,' Adriana Trigiani tells the appealing story of a musician couple during the big-band era. A 3-star book review.
Best bets for your weekend reading: 'Tony's Wife,' plus two new graphic novels
December 15, 2018
Spend your weekend reading 'Tony's Wife' by Adriana Trigiani. Plus more recommendations from USA TODAY's book reviewers.
Guy the Beagle, Duchess Meghan's rescue dog, stars in a jolly-cute picture book
November 19, 2018
Guy the Beagle has gone from rescue dog to living it up in Kensington Palace. 'His Royal Dogness' is a picture book devoted to Duchess Meghan's dog.
Michelle Obama memoir sales top 3 million, book tour extends into 2019
December 11, 2018
The former first lady's memoir 'Becoming' joins elite list of fastest-selling nonfiction books in history. She extends her book tour into 2019.
New book shares Elie Wiesel's powerful classroom lessons from the Holocaust
November 14, 2018
In the book 'Witness,' a former student shares the lessons he learned at Boston University from Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate.
'Seduction': New book looks at Howard Hughes’ Hollywood through a #MeToo lens
November 21, 2018
In 'Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes’s Hollywood,' Karina Longworth assess the mogul through a feminist perspective. A book review.
Why you should be grateful for your cup of coffee, and all the folks who help brew it
November 14, 2018
In his new book 'Thanks a Thousand,' author A.J. Jacobs tracks down all the folks who help make his coffee to say 'thank you.' A review.
Jack Reacher is back in stellar form from Lee Child; David Baldacci launches new series
November 12, 2018
We check out 'Past Tense,' the new Jack Reacher thriller from Lee Child, and 'Long Road to Mercy,' the launch of a new series by David Baldacci.
'Night of Miracles': Elizabeth Berg's tale of small-town America offers a slice of comfort
November 12, 2018
'Night of Miracles,' Elizabeth Berg's sequel to 'Arthur Truluv,' is a tender, neighborly tale set in Mason, Missouri. A 3.5-star book review.
Stephen King takes a turn for the uplifting with new 'Elevation' novella: Review
November 20, 2018
Castle Rock, the setting for some of Stephen King's creepiest tales, is the locale for a surprisingly uplifting tale with 'Elevation.'
Liane Moriarty's 'Nine Perfect Strangers' seems a little too familiar: Review
November 05, 2018
It may be unfair to grade terrific novelists on a different curve, but Liane Moriarty’s “Nine Perfect Strangers” does not match her previous books.
World War II vet murders town minister in Grisham's shocking new mystery, 'The Reckoning'
October 22, 2018
In 'The Reckoning,' John Grisham's new novel, a World War II vet guns down a Mississippi minister and leaves a small Southern town reeling. A review.
10 books we loved reading in 2018: Michelle Obama, David Sedaris, Tayari Jones and more
December 11, 2018
USA TODAY's reviewers pick the 10 books they most loved reading in 2018, including 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama and 'Clock Dance' by Anne Tyler.
Chat live with author Louise Penny about her new mystery, 'Kingdom of the Blind'
November 30, 2018
Join USA TODAY on Dec. 6 for a #BookmarkThis video chat with author Louise Penny about her new mystery, 'Kingdom of the Blind.'
Hooray! Renee Ballard is back - with Harry Bosch - in Michael Connelly's new thriller
October 29, 2018
Best-selling novelist Michael Connelly teams up L.A. detectives Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch in new thriller 'Dark Sacred Night.' A book review.
'To Kill a Mockingbird' is America's favorite novel, reports PBS 'The Great American Read'
November 06, 2018
'The Great American Read' on PBS wraps up by announcing that Harper Lee's Southern classic 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is 'America's best-loved novel.'
4 new teen horror thrillers sure to make you squirm, just in time for Halloween
October 24, 2018
It's almost Halloween, and we've got four new teen horror thrillers to recommend, including a modern, feminist spin on 'Frankenstein.'
Battle of the weepies: Nicholas Sparks v. Mitch Albom. Who made us cry more?
October 18, 2018
We got out our tissues to read Nicholas Sparks' new romance "Every Breath" and Mitch Albom's weepie "The Next Person You Meet in Heaven."
Who are you? The Who's Roger Daltrey explains all in colorful memoir, 'Mr. Kibblewhite'
October 23, 2018
Roger Daltrey hopes to cause a sensation with new memoir 'Thanks A Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite,' featuring anecdotes about his years with The Who.
Fall books preview 2018: Michelle Obama, John Grisham, Stephen King, Reese Witherspoon
September 04, 2018
Book lovers won't have to look far this fall for great stuff to read, from John Grisham to Reese Witherspoon to Michelle Obama to Nicholas Sparks.
The 5 most hilarious moments from Ellie Kemper's 'My Squirrel Days' book
October 15, 2018
In "My Squirrel Days," Ellie Kemper opens up about her funny encounters with celebrities and her childhood misadventures with squirrels.
Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman together: It really is a great love (and like) story
October 01, 2018
Actors Megan Mullally ('Will & Grace') and Nick Offerman ('Making It') wrote a book about their marriage. We caught up with the funny couple.
Women are angry, and Rebecca Traister's new book 'Good and Mad' explains the rage
October 14, 2018
In her new book "Good and Mad,' Rebecca Traister explores the roots and 'revolutionary' power of women's anger. A 3-star book review.
Barbara Kingsolver's 'Unsheltered': A family suffers in a divided 2016 America
October 15, 2018
In Barbara Kingsolver's novel 'Unsheltered,' a family struggles in modern-day New Jersey, but can links to the past save them? A 3-star book review.
Reese Witherspoon celebrates the South in new book: 'I'm very proud of where I'm from'
September 17, 2018
In her new cookbook/lifestyle guide 'Whiskey in a Teacup,' Reese Witherspoon shares her love of the South. The star talks with USA TODAY.
Memoir: Life has been one big flying circus for Monty Python's funny Eric Idle
October 02, 2018
Eric Idle of Monty Python fame has written 'Always Look On the Bright Side of Life, a book he calls a 'sortabiography.' A 3-star review.
Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) strikes again with terrific thriller, 'Lethal White'
September 21, 2018
In 'Lethal White,' the fourth book in Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling's exciting Cormoran Strike series, the British detective is on a new case.
Best-selling author Michael Lewis slams Trump administration in 'The Fifth Risk'
October 02, 2018
Michael Lewis, author of 'Moneyball' and other best-sellers, looks at how the Trump administration is choking the federal government. A 4-star review.
David Sedaris: Why he really hates the word 'awesome' but loves (sequined) culottes
August 06, 2018
Humorist David Sedaris, author of the summer best-seller 'Calypso,' sits down with USA TODAY for a #BookmarkThis live video chat.
Sarah Jessica Parker dishes on 'SATC' and the brand-new novel from SJP for Hogarth
June 14, 2018
During a #BookmarkThis live video chat, Sarah Jessica Parker and her author, Fatiima Farheen MIrza, talked about the new novel 'A Place for Us.'
Chat live with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman about 'The Greatest Love Story Ever Told'
September 18, 2018
Join USA TODAY for a #BookmarkThis live video chat with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman about their new book, 'The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.'
Books that became movies in 2017
August 31, 2017
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Photos from his memoir
October 11, 2018
Remembering Tom Wolfe: 1930-2018
May 15, 2018
Photos: 'Harry Potter' 20th-anniversary covers
April 10, 2018
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