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'The Last Romantics' a moving and utterly engrossing read
February 22, 2019
In her absorbing new novel, Tara Conklin traces the ever-changing relationships among siblings as they grow into adults.
With 'The Border,' Don Winslow closes modern literature's most important crime saga
February 21, 2019
Don Winslow's "The Border" features a President who uses the expression "bad hombres." Sound familiar?
What did William Shakespeare look like?
February 21, 2019
Author Charles FInch discovered during his research what we know – and what we don't
Review: 'The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls' is a stunning debut novel
February 20, 2019
Anissa Gray pens a poignant debut novel with "The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls."
In Alan Brennert’s “Daughter of Moloka’i,” story continues in WWII-era California
February 19, 2019
In new book, Alan Brennert does more than deliver the long-awaited sequel to has 2003 bestseller, “Moloka’i.”
5 books not to miss: 'Daughter of Moloka'i,' 'Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls'
February 17, 2019
The sequel to "Moloka'i," Anissa Gray's novel, Thomas Mallon's fictionalized political novel, Lisa Gardner's newest D.D. Warren book and more
Sasha Sagan, daughter of Carl Sagan, to release book that draws on widely-read essay
February 21, 2019
Her publisher is calling the book "part memoir, part guidebook and part social history."
New Mitch Albom book, 'Chika,' written 'through a few tears,' coming in November
February 21, 2019
The book tells of the two-year journey of Mitch and his wife, Janine, to find treatment before Chika died in 2017, at age 7.
17 kids books to read for Black History Month from board titles to young adult
February 01, 2019
Black History Month is a great time to crack open a new book and learn about all the important figures and stories that impacted history.
W.E.B. Griffin, 'Badge of Honor' military novelist, dead at age 89
February 18, 2019
W.E.B. Griffin wrote more than 200 books including "Badge of Honor," ''Clandestine Operations" and "Presidential Agent."
Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' is USA TODAY's No. 1 book of 2018. See the others in top 100
January 05, 2019
'Becoming,' which took the world by storm only 7 weeks ago, is the year's No. 1 book on USA TODAY's top 100 books of 2018. The best sellers are determined by data from USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list.
'Under Pressure' author Lisa Damour talks 'normal' anxiety for girls, when to get help
February 18, 2019
Psychologist Lisa Damour is examining  a weight plaguing some girls. "Under Pressure" looks at forces that can cause stress and anxiety.
Here’s why ‘Say You’re Sorry’ by Karen Rose is the next ‘Gone Girl’… sort of
February 14, 2019
Readers looking for a female-led thriller may be drawn to Karen Rose’s “Say You’re Sorry,” but it's not quite like a Gillian Flynn novel.
5 things you may not know about iconic Toni Morrison
February 13, 2019
The author's latest book, 'The Source of Self-Regard' shares her take on a variety of social issues. Here is our take on the fascinating writer.
'The Night Tiger' a mesmerizing tale of murder, romance and superstition
February 12, 2019
A missing finger, a dance hall girl and a series of mysterious deaths linked to a rogue tiger thrill in this novel.
How to take the right risks while starting your business, from author Maria Aspan
February 12, 2019
Maria Aspan shares risks you should take --- and ones you shouldn't.
Girls Who Code CEO: How a typo can be a radical act of feminism
February 12, 2019
Perfectionism is a trap uniquely set for women. But small acts of bravery can build into a revolution.
5 books not to miss this week, including 'The Night Tiger' and Toni Morrison's collection
February 10, 2019
"The Night Tiger" is a magical realism story with a mysterious were-tiger.
Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush will release children's book on sisters
February 13, 2019
The former First sisters will
As Iran's Islamic Republic turns 40, Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' hits bestseller list
February 11, 2019
Former First Lady's memoir has been reprinted 17 times in Iran. Monday marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Republic.
Are you looking at your screen too often? Here's how to declutter your digital life
February 07, 2019
Author Cal Newport, of "Digital Minimalism," has a method to Marie Kondo your life to make time for what matters.
Jill Abramson's 'Merchants of Truth': A grim eye on the state of the news business
February 08, 2019
Jill Abramson, first woman in the top job in print journalism, got fired and then wrote a book about the existential crisis in the industry she loves.
'On the Come Up,' highly anticipated book from 'Hate U Give' author Angie Thomas, delivers
February 04, 2019
"On the Come Up" is a gripping story about 16-year-old Brianna who fights for her artistic dreams while struggling to survive poverty and violence.
5 books not to miss: 'On the Come Up' by Angie Thomas, plus 'Digital Minimalism'
February 03, 2019
Looking for inspiration from 'The Hate U Give' author or seeking to declutter your digital life? Look no further than books releasing this week.
'The Bold World': A story of transformation and the many ways we define authentic self
January 31, 2019
It’s a memoir about identities and her personal experience navigating the world as a black person, as a woman, and as mother of a transgender boy.
'Golden Child' tells story of twin brothers and asks: who is the sun shining on?
January 29, 2019
When one child goes missing, long-simmering resentments and fears come to the surface.
'The Lost Girls of Paris' review: Compelling history falls short for talented author
January 30, 2019
"The Lost Girls of Paris" fictionalizes the true story of female spies during World War II.
5 books not to miss: 'Lost girls of Paris,' Chris Christie's 'Let me finish,' 'Bold World'
January 27, 2019
"Let me finish" goes on sale Jan. 29, as does buzzed-about historical novel "Lost Girls of Paris" and "The Bold World."
Five takeaways from Stephanie Land's memoir, 'Maid'
January 23, 2019
In Stephanie Land's new book, she recounts what it's like living at the line of just surviving and employment in the service industry.
In 'The Suspect,' Fiona Barton mixes universal truths with a thrilling tale
January 22, 2019
In Fiona Barton's latest, journalist Kate Waters finds herself at the center of the story.
In Karen Thompson Walker's 'The Dreamers,' a mysterious illness befalls a college town
January 15, 2019
The symptom, a deep, unshakable sleep, triggers panic among a wide cast of characters.
Love 'Bird Box'? Here are five books to read beside the one it's based on
January 18, 2019
Looking for more post-apocalyptic or horror-filled reads like "Bird Box?" Look no further.
Author, Netflix star Marie Kondo shares her secret to decluttering
January 09, 2019
Professional organizer Marie Kondo says there's one thing to keep in mind when decluttering. The best-selling author and star of the Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" shared tips with USA TODAY in 2016.
It's true, 'Golden State' is an imaginative detective story with Orwellian leanings
January 25, 2019
In the land of Ben H. Winters’ novel “Golden State,” truth is more important than anything else and lies will get you exiled from civilization.
Who is Harriet Blue in the James Patterson and Candice Fox book series?
January 16, 2019
If you're starting the series by James Patterson and Candice Fox -- or just need a refresher before reading "Liar Liar," read this.
5 new books not to miss: "Suspect" by Fiona Barton, next legal thriller by John Lescroart
January 22, 2019
Two thrillers, a dystopian tale and two memoirs are on our list of interesting releases on Jan. 22.
'Fifty Shades' author E L James announces new erotic novel 'The Mister'
January 24, 2019
The author of the blockbuster "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy has an "erotic love story" coming out April 16.
Books that became movies in 2017
August 31, 2017
Remembering Tom Wolfe: 1930-2018
May 15, 2018
Photos: 'Harry Potter' 20th-anniversary covers
April 10, 2018
Our favorite children's books made into movies
January 04, 2018
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