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Space shuttle blasts off on last night flight
February 08, 2010
Space shuttle Endeavour is rocketing toward the space station on one of the shuttle program's last scheduled missions.
Explorers' century-old whisky found in Antarctic
February 05, 2010
This Scotch has been on the rocks for a century.
Scientists celebrate evolution on Darwin's birthday
February 05, 2010
Darwin Day came in a big way last year with hundreds of Feb. 12 celebrations noting the bicentennial birthday of evolution's icon all over the globe.
Ask USA TODAY Weather
February 05, 2010
Where is the top of a tornado? How much melted snow does an inch of rain equal? Are we in an El Nino? These and many more weather questions are answered in our online weather Q and A column.
Butterflies losing habitats due to climate
February 05, 2010
A study of beleaguered butterflies in California provides some of the best clues yet as to how other animals may react to climate change, scientists say.
Mohawks, stripes: Dinosaurs had them before designers
February 04, 2010
Who knew dinos were so fashionable? Researchers now say they had color, from russet-colored feathers to a jazzy specimen with a Mohawk crest and stripes.
China doubles wind power in 1 year
February 03, 2010
China doubled the amount of energy generated from windmills last year, a report from the global wind industry said Wednesday.
Iran sends rocket with animal menagerie into space
February 03, 2010
Iran announced Wednesday it has successfully launched a research rocket carrying a mouse, two turtles and worms into space -- a feat President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said showed Iran could defeat the West in the battle of technology.
NASA's seven new space pioneers are companies
February 03, 2010
A half century ago the Mercury Seven embodied America's space future. Now it's the merchant seven: space companies for hire.
Medical groups assail patenting of human genes
February 03, 2010
Businesses argue in court that financial incentives are crucial.
President Obama kills NASA's moon mission plans
February 02, 2010
President Obama is redirecting America's space program, killing NASA's $100 billion plans to return astronauts to the moon and using much of that money for new rocket technology research.
What happens to those 3-D glasses after 'Avatar'?
February 01, 2010
Recycling programs are in place to deal with the 935,834 pairs of 3-D glasses worn daily to see 'Avatar.'
A science book worth your time
February 01, 2010
Time waits for no man. But when it comes to time, one man, Caltech physicist Sean Carroll, might be worth yours.
Study: Water vapor may help 'flatten global warming trend'
January 29, 2010
Why Earth's surface temperature hasn't warmed as expected puzzles scientists. Water vapor in the stratosphere may be a factor, says a new study.
Deadly fish virus found in Lake Superior
January 27, 2010
Researchers say a fatal fish virus has been found in Lake Superior for the first time, meaning it has spread to all the Great Lakes.
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