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Apple Card: Some people will get invitations to apply but rest broader release later this month
August 06, 2019
Apple is sending invitations to apply for its new Apple Card to those who showed interest when it was announced. Everyone else can apply later this month.
Read this before installing extensions to your web browser
July 23, 2019
Some extensions are actually useful shortcut tools, while others are snooping software that tracks your habits, without you having any say so about it.
Rise of the 'Wife Guy': Men who post about their partners at the center of a viral trend
July 18, 2019
Elf Wife Guy blocked his wife on Twitter. Fake Wife Guy was a man who posed as his wife, and Curvy Wife Guy Robbie Tripp may have started the trend.
The corporate spat is over between Google and Amazon: YouTube is again available on Amazon Fire TV
July 09, 2019
Corporate spat saw Google refuse to allow products on Amazon devices & vice versa. But Google Home & Nest Hub products still not available on Amazon.
Clear wireless Sprint merger with T-Mobile. Lawsuit is on the wrong side.
June 18, 2019
In 5G era, three strong wireless competitors are better than two leaders, Verizon and AT&T, and two also-rans: Our view
New York AG: Sprint, T-Mobile merger would raise prices and hurt consumers
June 18, 2019
America was the world leader in developing 4G coverage as a result of vigorous competition, writes Letitia James, attorney general of New York.
Mattel's iconic Hot Wheels has gone digital
June 14, 2019
Mattel's Hot Wheels, the No. 1 selling toy, is sporting a new look: digital.
Level Ex produces video games that doctors are playing on their smartphones.
June 11, 2019
Doctors can perfect their craft playing Level Ex medical video games, and even earn continuing education credits towards maintaining their licenses.
Stream Broadway?
June 06, 2019
BroadwayHD is a subscription based service that will let you stream Broadway shows if you can't make it to the theater or afford a ticket.
Hey Siri, turn on 'The Voice' for my Vizio TV
May 21, 2019
Watch your iPhone on any TV, without an Apple TV device? Now it can be done, via Vizio, Samsung, Sony and LG TVs. Vizio tools in beta. We tried it.
Book review: New Tim Cook bio tells us much of what we already knew
May 14, 2019
The book follows the "then I introduced" format of new product launches, and is all business. It skimps on details about the non-Apple life of Tim Cook.
Trek's CEO John Burke talks e-bikes and the benefits of cycling
May 13, 2019
The CEO of Trek Bicycle Corp. sits down with USA TODAY to discuss the benefits of biking, the nation's rise in electric bikes sales and the company's newest Super Commuter+ 8S.
Debt collectors would be able to text and email about missed payments under proposal
May 08, 2019
Under a proposed rule, debt collectors may soon be able to text, email and private message consumers over unresolved debt.
The sounds of silence: New device could create words out of thoughts
April 24, 2019
Trapped inside their bodies, stroke patients may be able to think – but not speak.  But now, a prototype of a new device could one day literally give a voice to the voiceless.
As customers cut the cord, cable companies are nearing a tipping point
April 19, 2019
As customers cut the cord, gains in broadband subscriptions may no longer be able to make up for losses in pay television.
Samsung's nearly $2,000 Galaxy Fold reservations start this Friday, S10 5G arrives in May
April 12, 2019
Ready to drop nearly $2,000 for Samsung's first foldable? It's almost time to grab your wallet.
#SummerBody? 3 apps to help you workout
May 09, 2019
Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. That's where these fitness apps come in. USA TODAY reporter Dalvin Brown puts them to the test.
Tech for faster fitness recovery
April 08, 2019
Muscle recovery tools to speed up healing. The Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller and Hypervolt vibration massage device are there to assist.
Divorce or break-up? How to consciously uncouple your digital life
June 27, 2019
These days, former sweethearts find themselves tangled up in gadgets, passwords, and online accounts. Here are tips to separate your digital assets.
How comedian Jay Leno uses tech to monitor his health
March 13, 2019
Jay Leno told USA TODAY reporter Dalvin Brown that he uses a KardiaMobile device that connects with his iPhone to check his heart rate.
Jay Leno talks about electric cars
March 13, 2019
Jay Leno talks about electric cars with consumer tech reporter Dalvin Brown.
Samsung Galaxy S10+: Here are three of the coolest new features in Samsung’s latest
March 05, 2019
Samsung’s newest Galaxy phones hit shelves on March 8. Here are a few of the coolest new features in this year’s phones.
5G will take connectivity to the next level
February 25, 2019
Verizons 5G lab is creating new and innovative ways to take advantage of the speed of 5G.
China province to ban homework on apps for sake of pupils' eyesight
February 18, 2019
A Chinese province plans to ban teachers from assigning homework to be completed on cellphone apps. Limiting screen time is a concern in Asia.
Are you looking at your screen too often? Here's how to declutter your digital life
February 07, 2019
Author Cal Newport, of "Digital Minimalism," has a method to Marie Kondo your life to make time for what matters.
15 amazing Google tricks you never knew before now
January 18, 2019
Most users don't even realize how much power they have with a simple browser, thanks to Google's many features and tricks.
Verizon adds free Apple Music to Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans
January 15, 2019
Depending on your Verizon unlimited plan you may soon get a new perk: free Apple Music.
Supreme Court skeptical of Apple's monopoly on app purchases through its App Store
November 26, 2018
Apple's pricing policies for iPhone apps bought on its exclusive App Store ran into trouble Monday at the Supreme Court.
Man grabs real guns after getting angry at video game, hits neighbor's house, court records show
November 09, 2018
The 30-year-old Tennessee man shot up his bedroom walls and ceiling, but one of the bullets went out the window and lodged in a neighbor's house.
A souped-up new iPad Pro could cost you nearly $2,800 – more than a MacBook Air
October 30, 2018
Add keyboard, case, pencil, extra storage and dongles, and the price tag comes to $2,384, before tax. How the pricing compares to rivals.
OnePlus 6T packs a fingerprint scanner in its screen to take on iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3
October 29, 2018
A premium phone doesn't have to come from Apple, Google or Samsung. It also doesn't need to cost close to a thousand dollars.
Want to delete your Facebook account? It'll take 30 days
October 04, 2018
Facebook doubled the amount of time you have to change your mind before your account is permanently deleted.
Tesla Model 3 confuses police officer who thinks a computer is mounted on the dashboard
October 04, 2018
Tesla's latest vehicle has just one large, 15-inch display that manages all of the car's various functions, including fooling a police officer.
Microsoft unveils Surface Book and more
August 10, 2017
Push to foster black coders leads to SXSW
March 13, 2017
Shanghai impounds thousands of bicycles
March 03, 2017 Featured News
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