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Are automated convenience stores killing South Korean jobs?
February 22, 2018
There are about 35,000 such retailers nationwide, giving the country of 51 million one of the world’s highest human-to-convenience-store ratios.
Haiti suspends Oxfam operations for two months amid sexual misconduct allegations
February 22, 2018
The allegations back to the aftermath of Haiti's 2010 earthquake disaster.
Nearly 100 Nigerian girls still missing days after suspected Boko Haram attack, parents say
February 22, 2018
Police and the education ministry initially denied that the students were abducted.
Guess who's also competing at the Olympics? Thousands of missionaries
February 22, 2018
The Games have attracted teams of Baptists, Presbyterians and Methodists. Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons also abound, each group sharing the gospel.
'Nation of immigrants' no longer: USCIS updates mission statement
February 23, 2018
The federal agency that grants visas and U.S. citizenship now refers to itself as an organization that "administers the nation's lawful immigration system."
Sea levels could rise 3 feet worldwide by 2300 — and it's likely to get worse
February 20, 2018
The 3-foot rise is "baked in" to the Earth's climate, researchers say, even if the Paris climate agreement targets are fully met.
Hundreds of African migrants protest Israel detentions
February 22, 2018
Hundreds of African migrants protest Israel detentions Video provided by AFP
The most dangerous countries in the world for U.S. travelers
February 22, 2018
It's still possible to have a safe trip, but smart travelers should educate themselves.
Cape Town could run out of water by June
February 19, 2018
The city has less than 90 days’ worth of water in its reservoirs. The countdown to Day Zero has begun when Cape Town must turn off all taps.
Greece votes to probe politicians in alleged drug bribery case
February 22, 2018
The Greek parliament voted on Thursday to investigate politicians, including former prime ministers, over allegations of bribery from the Swiss drugmaker Novartis. Kate King reports. Video provided by Reuters
Idris Elba excited about engagement and directorial debut
February 22, 2018
British actor Idris Elba turned out at the Berlin film festival to launch his new film "Yardie" and show off his recent fiancee to the press. Rollo Ross reports. Video provided by Reuters
February political cartoons from the USA TODAY Network
February 22, 2018
New Soderbergh movie shot entirely on iPhone premieres in Berlin
February 22, 2018
Actress Claire Foy talks about making smartphone film 'Unsane' at the film's world premiere at the Berlin film festival. (no reporter narration) Video provided by Reuters
Hong Kong harbour gets star attraction with sculpture park
February 22, 2018
Hong Kong harbour gets star attraction with sculpture park Video provided by AFP
Turns out Europe's original artists were Ice Age cavemen
February 22, 2018
New evidence suggests ice age cavemen were the first artists in Europe.
We now know a lot more about all the fishes — and fishing — in the sea
February 22, 2018
By analyzing satellite data that looked at thousands of high-seas fishing vessels, a study showcases fishing’s scope and pattern around the world.
Charging lions damage park visitor's car with her inside
February 22, 2018
A day at a safari park turned terrifying after a pride of lions charged at a woman’s car.
You won't believe the sights on the runway at Milan Fashion Week
February 22, 2018
If you love fashion shows for imagery you didn’t know you needed and clothes you could never actually wear, well, on both fronts, Milan Fashion Week didn’t disappoint. Buzz60's Josh King has more.
The Swiss are heavily armed. But mass shootings are rare here
February 22, 2018
Only the United States and Yemen have more guns per capita than this Alpine nation of 8.5 million people.
U.S. can't respond as fast to disasters in Hawaii, Alaska as mainland
February 22, 2018
The isolated geography of Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. islands means disaster planning needs an upgrade, the Army Corps of Engineers says.
Couple saved from remote island after writing ‘HELP’ in the sand
February 22, 2018
A couple stranded on an island in Australia was found safe after spelling out the word “Help” in the sand.
U.S. delegation pelted with eggs in West Bank
February 22, 2018
A delegation from the U.S. organization 'Civil Society in New York' were pelted with eggs as they left a meeting with Palestinian representatives in Ramallah. (Feb. 22)
German court defers ruling on banning diesel cars in cities
February 22, 2018
A German court has deferred a decision on whether to allow a ban on diesel cars in cities to lower air pollution, a ruling that could have drastic consequences for the country's powerful auto industry.
Powder purporting to be anthrax sent to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: report
February 22, 2018
'The London Evening Standard, 'which first reported the incident, said the powder purported to be anthrax.
Doctors remove tumor so large it was 'like a head on top of another head'
February 22, 2018
Santlal Pal felt a bump at the back of his head nine months ago.
Egypt police catch child falling from building
February 22, 2018
Three Egyptian policemen were able to catch a five-year-old child as he fell from a third-floor apartment balcony in the southern city of Assiut, saving the boy's life. (Feb. 22)
Letter with white powder sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
February 22, 2018
Scotland Yard is investigating after a letter sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had white powder inside.
Iran says nuclear deal is 'worst ever' — and it's Trump's fault
February 22, 2018
Iran says Trump's public vows to "destroy it, fix it, change it" are a violation of the terms of the nuclear accord.
The best and worst countries for life expectancy
December 20, 2017
Passages 2017: Those we’ve lost through the year
December 29, 2017
Life in North Korea: What you are allowed to see
February 14, 2018
2017 events as seen from space
December 18, 2017
The day in pictures
February 22, 2018
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